6 Beauty Solutions for Graying Forelocks

Are you going gray? If so, your first gray hairs are probably appearing in the most prominent place – at the temples. This common starting point for fading hair can give an unwelcome impression of aging, when the rest of your mop is still in full, youthful color. You may not feel ready for the new look, and be seeking ways of concealing or reducing it. Here are some simple solutions to consider.

Trim back

If you’re keen to conceal your graying side-locks, trim them back, close to the scalp, and comb your colored hair forward over the area. You’ll need a thick, flowing sweep for this, long enough to fall easily over your forehead and down the sides of your face. Train your hair into its new style to ensure it lies securely and gracefully over the trimmed parts.

Mix with colored locks

A sprinkling of silvery hues amongst colored strands can look very attractive, especially in a crisply trimmed fringe. Draw an ample tuft of hair from the top of your head to establish your fringe, which you can either spread across your forehead or train to one side, according to preference and covering needs. Refrain from over-trimming, especially at the sides, as you’ll want it to cover your temples,  perhaps down to the level of your earlobes, to ensure all the gray is incorporated. See how the style frames your face and shows up your eyes!


You can steer attention away from fading streaks by means of decoration. A bright, classy clip or bow will draw the eyes of your observers, while also controlling any frizz that’s come with the gray. This way, you can keep your natural look, enhancing it with colour and glamour.


If you wish to wipe out all trace of gray around your forehead, cover it with a scarf or broad band. Brush your hair back first, then pull your covering snugly over from the front, securing it with hair grips behind the ears if necessary. Comb the rest of your hair upwards and outwards, training it to bush out sumptuously, in contrast to the flat band. Alternatively, why not make a habit of wearing a hat when out? No one need know the reason, and everyone will be impressed by your stylish custom.

Show off your gray

If you’re happy with your gray hair, your confidence and serenity will bring flair to your changing looks. Besides, grays are beautiful. Look closely at yours and count the different tints and flecks; see how they catch the light after washing, and blend with your maturing complexion.  Celebrate your new feature with special styling, such as curling, straightening, plaiting or looping, so that it stands out strikingly from the rest. Dark clothing will add to the effect – try out different shades in the mirror.

Through the gradual process of turning gray, white or silver, you’ll have plenty of time to become accustomed to your changing appearance. Your friends will be going through the same process, and seeing them go gray will help you adapt. Remember, silver hairs come with maturity, seniority and experience, so be proud of yours!

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