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Few people were blessed with curly or wavy hair that just happens to be smooth. Most of us either have straight hair or locks that refuse to stay under control without some help from a heat styling tool. In this case, a curling iron can take your hair to the next level, creating perfectly designed waves or curls. You just need to figure out which of the numerous products to buy. Finding the best curling iron for short hair is similar to any other hair length, but you will have a few unique considerations so stick to one of these top products.

Comparison Chart of The Best Curling Iron For Short Hair

Remington CI95AC2120 volts½-1 Inch$$4.8
BlueTop100-240 voltsNot listed$$$4.6
Helen of Troy110 volts1/2 Inch$4.5
OneDor110-240 volts9 mm$$$4.5
Hot Tools110 volts1/2 Inch$$$4.4
Helen Of Troy 1503Not listed1/2 Inch$4.3
Herstyler110-240 volts18-25mm$$4.2
inkint 110-240 volts09-19mm / 19-19mm / 20-25mm / 25-25mm/ 32-32mm $$$4.2

Curling Iron for Short hair detailed review

Put your knowledge of what to look for in the best curling iron for short hair to good use. Check out these top products that women and salon professionals love for their ability to make your hair look gorgeous.

#8 – Inking 5-In-1 Hair Curling Iron With Glove

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This product features an adjustable temperature so you can set it between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius (356 to 410 Fahrenheit) depending on your hair thickness. It has a 360-degree power cord so you don’t have to worry about it getting twisted while using it. There are five interchangeable barrels so you can choose the one that works for your ideal style in a given moment. Get tight ringlets one day and beachy waves the next with the same device. This product even comes with a heat-resistant glove to make styling without burning yourself easier. It stands out with its pink color and works with dual voltage for use worldwide.

#7 – Herstyler Grande Pink Hair Professional Curling Iron

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This curling iron has a pink handle and black rod for styling and practicality. The barrel is made of Teflon for great heat conductivity and can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for quick styling. It relies on negative ion technology to reduce frizz. The barrel is clipless so this is technically a curling wand, the barrel is 152 mm long and has a conical shape that varies in thickness from 18 to 25 mm. Thanks to dual voltage, this product works worldwide and it also comes with a heat-resistant glove.

#6 – Helen Of Troy 1503 Spring Curling Iron, White, ½ Inch Barrel

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Unlike the previous models on this best curling iron for short hair list, this product is actually a curling iron instead of a wand since it has a clip to hold your hair in place while you use it. The barrel is ½ inch wide, the perfect thickness for creating gorgeous curls in short hair. The white color matches any style and bathroom and the handle is ergonomic so you won’t feel uncomfortable even if your hair is thick and takes a long time to style. You can put this curling iron on a high or low heat setting based on your hair thickness and the tip remains cool for safety. Best of all, it should last a long time since the heating element has a long life.

#5 – Hot Tools Marcel Grip Iron 85 Watt ½” Mini

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For those who want a Marcel style curling iron, this is an ideal product. It is 85 watts and the barrel is plated in 24 karat gold for great performance. This styling tool uses Patented Pulse Technology so it will get hot and stay hot, delivering the styling capabilities you want. You can adjust the built-in thermostat to a range of temperatures up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The 8-foot swivel cord means that you can move around while using the styling tool and it heats up very quickly. This particular product is limited to use in countries like the US and Canada where you will find 110V systems. For added convenience while using the curling iron, it comes with a foldaway safety stand and a pilot light so you know when it is on.

#4 – OneDor Professional Styler Hair Curling Ceramic Wand With 9mm Diameter Barrel

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Despite its name referring to it as a wand, this is a best curling iron for short hair since it has a clip. The thin 9mm barrel is perfect for creating corkscrew curls that are tight and last a long time. There are a total of six temperature settings between 175 and 440 degrees Fahrenheit so everyone can use this particular curling iron whether they have thin or thick hair. The small barrel size combines with the iron’s overall small size to make it highly portable.

#3 – Helen Of Troy Mini ½ Inch Professional Curling Iron

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Another top product from Helen of Troy, this curling iron has a ½ inch barrel to give you nice tight curls. The small size of the device lets you get close to your head for precision and makes it easy to find a storage space. It also means that it is lightweight enough where you don’t have to worry about your hand getting tired while using it. It works well on short hair as well as bangs.

#2 – Curling Iron Wand, BlueTop Unisex Professional 9mm Super Mini

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This is a best curling iron for short hair because it works worldwide thanks to its voltage range. It is small and lightweight, so your hand won’t get tired and you don’t have to worry about storage. The ceramic coating on the iron has been infused with silk proteins to make it even better and provide long-lasting, healthy curls. The barrel is ultra-small to create nice ringlets or easily reach close to the scalp on short hair. The 2.7 meter power cord swivels 360 degrees and the temperature can be set between 80 and 230 Celsius (176 and 446 Fahrenheit).

#1 – Remington CI95AC2 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

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At the top of the list, this Remington curling wand is a great option for those who want a cone-shaped barrel. It ranges in thickness from ½ an inch to an inch, perfect for short hair regardless of whether you want waves or curls. The ceramic technology delivers a salon finish and it can reach 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This product comes with a heat-resistant glove and has an automatic shut off to prevent a safety hazard.

Tips For Choosing the best curling iron for short hair

Before we take a look at the options for curling iron for short hair, it helps to know what features and design elements you are looking for. You will notice that some of these apply to any hair curler while some are only essential if your hair is short.

  • Barrel Length

The thing that makes the best curling iron for short hair as opposed to other lengths is how long the barrel is. If you have short hair, you want to pick an iron with a shorter barrel since this will be much easier to manage. Shorter barrels require less storage room and let you get the precision needed to make the curls or waves show on shorter hair.

  • Barrel Thickness

Barrel thickness is important regardless of your hair length, but it will typically have a thinner barrel. This lets you get closer to your head. If you want to create nice waves in your hair, consider a 1-inch barrel. If you want curly hair, consider a ¾-inch barrel or even a smaller option.

  • Straight, Conical, Or Other Barrel Shape

The most common shape for the barrel is either straight or conical. Straight irons will be the same thickness throughout the barrel while conical ones will be thicker at one end and thinner at the other with a gradual change throughout.

Some of the options are also ribbon or spiral curling irons. They have raised edges along the barrel to help you create perfect spirals. Pearl barrels look like they have small balls or pearls along the barrel and can give you natural-looking curls. You can even find products with multiple barrels, which let you create ideal waves or simply style more of your hair at once for quicker results.

  • Style Of Curling Iron

There are actually several different styles of curling irons available and each serves a different purpose. Most people think of spring curling irons which have the spring-action clip or arm that will hold your hair in place while styling. These are the most common and offer the widest range of choices.

Clipless curling irons are sometimes known as curling wands and don’t have the clip, meaning you won’t have to worry about kinks in your hair or as much damage to the ends. Marcel curling irons have two handles instead of one to make them easier for some people to use. These are typically the choice of professionals since they have high-end materials and hotter temperatures.

  • Material Used

The absolute best curling iron for short hair will typically be made from tourmaline, which works to magnify negative ions to give your hair extreme gloss and smoothness, making it look healthy with minimal damage. Ceramic is the traditional option and will heat quickly and maintain its temperature consistently so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair. These irons create negative ions to smooth your cuticle, tame frizz, and add shine. Titanium irons will evenly distribute the heat and because the surface is very slick, you don’t have to worry about snags.

  • Interchangeable Barrels

Some curling irons will actually have several different barrels that you can detach and interchange. This way, you are essentially getting several curling irons for a single low price.

  • Temperature

Make sure it offers a range of temperatures. This way, you can use the styling tool on all hair types. After all, those with thin short hair will want to use lower temperature to avoid damaging their hair, but those with thick short hair need higher temperatures to see results.

  • Display Or Dials

In the past, most heat styling tools let you adjust the heat by a dial. Today, many of the curling iron options have digital displays and buttons. Think about which of these you prefer as there is no right or wrong choice.

  • Swivel Cord And Length

Don’t forget to consider the cord on your curling iron. The top tools will have a swivel cord, ideally that rotates 360 degrees so you don’t have to untangle it while fixing your hair. Also pay attention to cord length. If you work in a tight area and don’t want to deal with cord tangles or storage, then the curling iron for short hair will have a cord that is around three feet or so. If you walk around your bathroom or bedroom while curling your hair, consider a longer cord.

  • What’s Included

To make the curling iron more appealing, many manufacturers include extra accessories, like a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand while styling or a storage bag for the iron. Look for these things as they can indicate a good deal.

  • Handle And Safety

Safety and the handle of the curling iron go together. You want a comfortable handle that you can hold steady for a long period of time so you won’t drop the iron and burn yourself. For safety, most irons will also have an automatic shut-off.

  • Voltage

If you plan on traveling with your hair curler, don’t forget to make sure it is compatible with various voltages so you can use it worldwide. This won’t typically be a concern, but it is important to check if it matters for you.


With your research complete, you just need to pick which of the above options is the best curling iron for short hair in your situation. Think about the features you want and if you have any preferences in terms of how the iron looks or its color. Then, choose a product from the list and style your hair with ease. If you like hairsprays then check out our article of good hairsprays for curly hair.

How to curl short hair using curling iron

This short tutorial is all about curling short hair using curling ion. It’s super easy and effortless.

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