The Best Hairspray For Curly Hair 2021 – Ultimate Guide

best hairsprays for curly hairIf you are like many people with curly hair, you know that it can be hard to fight the frizzes, especially on hot and humid days. You may have also come to the realization that with the right products, your curls can be significantly more defined and this can last all day. If you are looking to get an excellent hold on your curls, fight frizz and have shiny, healthy looking hair, then there are some tips you will want to learn. From daily care to what products you need on a special day, the following will give you some guidance to get the best look for your hair. So, let’s get at it with my list of best hairsprays for curly hair.

Comparison Chart of Best Hairsprays for Curly Hair

Tigi Bed Head9.5 oz (2-packs)

DEVA CURL10 oz$$4.8
Moroccanoil10 oz$$4.7
Osis 15 oz$$4.6
L'Oreal Paris 11 oz$$4.5
Redken11 oz (2-packs)$$$4.5
Nexxus10 oz$$4.4
Honeybee Gardens8.5 oz$4.3
Ion 8 oz$4.0
Beauty Without Cruelty 8.5 oz$3.7

The Best Hairsprays for Curly Hair to Consider and Detailed Reviews of Each

Maybe you are sick of your curl being frizzier than defined, or perhaps it’s too crunchy when you touch it. Whatever the reason, it’s time to find a new hairspray for your curls. To get started selecting products, take a look at the ten best hairsprays listed below.

#10 – Beauty Without Cruelty

hairspray for curly hair

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Amp up your curls without using a product that has been tested on animals. This hair spray has been around since the sixties and is alcohol-free as well as 100% vegetarian. It provides a fresh, organic aroma. This product has been created using botanical extracts, plant proteins, pro-vitamin B-5 and other ingredients that will condition and protect your hair. This product is at the top of our list because it is the most natural, ethical product that won’t damage your hair with daily use.

#9 – Ion-alcohol Free Hairspray

good curly hair spray

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 This product is unique and one of the best hairsprays for curly hair because it is alcohol and paraben free. It offers a medium hold that is touchable as well as shiny. The humidity protection will help keep your hair frizz-free all day long. Many people also really like that this product is 100% Vegan.

#8 – Honeybee Gardens Hair Spray Alcohol Free Herbal Mint

top hairspray for curly hair

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Your hair won’t be dried out with this alcohol-free formula, that is also delivered in a non-aerosol hair spray. You will see curls that are perfectly styled last all day long with this enriched hair spray. For added healthy hair, there are organic botanicals that are added to nourish your hair and to add extra shine.

#7 – Nexxus Frizz Defy Frizz Protection Hair Spray

nexxus hair spray for curly hair

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This is considered one of the best hairsprays for curly hair for a couple of reasons and just one is that it can help reduce your frizzies on those hot and humid days. The product states a reduction in frizz by as much as 87 percent. The product uses coconut extract and argan oil to protect your hair strands against damaging humidity. It delivers a light hold and dries instantly. It will help hold your natural looking style while adding a polished look to your hair.

#6 – Redken Forceful 23 Super-Strength Finishing Spray

good rated curly hair spray

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Not only will this hairspray from Redken help your curls look fresh all day long, it will hold firm without drying your hair out. This is one of the best hairsprays for curly hair because it is able to protect your hair from humidity for up to eight hours. In addition to that you will also have antioxidants and vitamin E to help maintain your hair’s strength and lock in natural oil.

#5 – L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Unscented

perfect hairspray for curly hair

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For those of you who like a strong hairspray without the strong scent, this L’Oréal product is the way to go. It remains soft when you touch it, yet gives you a maximum hold. You won’t have to worry about having the chemical smell either. The unique Micro-diffusion formula helps it maintain your hairstyle, maximize your hair’s shine, and leave it clean to the touch. Resistant to humidity, your hair will stay in place all day.

#4 –  Osis Elastic Finish Flexible Hold Light Control

hold tight curly hair spray

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Often used by professionals and stylists alike, this product by Osis gives a shine and hold to your hair that can’t be beat. With a light spray, you can enjoy having hair that has a flexible hold, while protecting curls from humidity. The silicone copolymers add a silky touch to your hair that makes it easy to style before as well as after brushing.

#3 – Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

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One of the top products out there that is alcohol-free. You can enjoy springy curls that will last all day and stay shiny. This product has argan oil infused in it for natural shine and softness. You won’t find a sticky, brittle feel with this hairspray and there won’t be residue buildup. It rinses out easy and will resist humidity all day long and will hold your style while remaining gentle enough to not damage or dry your hair out.

 #2 – DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hairspray

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DevaCurl is one of the best hairsprays for curly hair because it is so easy to use and touchable. You’ll find this hairspray has won several Editor’s Choice awards because it is easy to use and healthy for your hair. It is a lightweight product that allows your hair to remain flexible. It is easy to use, even for those who don’t often use hair products. It has a light lilac smell and is an aerosol spray. This is a water-soluble spray, so easy to rinse out of hair and won’t dry your curls out.

#1 – Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

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This is a hairspray that will give you maximum hold without leaving a greasy feel on your hair. It will add shine to your hair while adding volume. You will see added body, along with defined curls that last all day. This product also protects against dryness.

Caring and Managing Your Curly Hair

One of the first things you should realize is managing your hair is different than straight hair. Humidity can destroy even the best of hair days. If you want to get the best curls you will truly need to take care of your hair from beginning to end, not just get the best hairspray for curly hair. This starts in the shower with how you clean your hair.

  • To Shampoo Or Not

When you are working with curls you have to take your shampoo seriously. If you can’t find one that is 100 percent sulfate-free, you may want to look into going shampoo-less. Most cleansers are too harsh for curly hair, leaving it frizzy and dry. One of the best things to do is consider ‘co-washing’ your hair. This means you use a cleansing conditioner, which is made of water and oils instead of harsh soaps. You should also move to washing every other day with fine hair, and every third or fourth day with thick hair.

  • Skip Parabens and Alcohol

These are components that will break up your hair’s protective natural oil. If you are on the hunt for the best hairspray for curly hair and want to maintain the health of your hair, this is an ingredient that you will want to avoid in your products.

  • Water Should Be Number One

One of the first ingredients in your curly hair products should be water. This will help to hydrate your strands as well as maintain the natural integrity of your hair. This is most important in your shampoos and conditioners, but you should also look for it in your other hair products as well.

  • Avoid Sulfates

When you are shopping for the best hairspray for curly hair you want to make sure to skip those products with sulfates in them. Because of the way curly hair is made, there is more of a strand for your natural oils to cover in order for it to remain healthy. Additionally, curly hair is often thicker than straight hair and will therefore need more oil. Using a product with sulfates in it will strip your hair of the natural oil so important to the look and health of your locks.

  • A Word on Conditioning

When you have curly hair, you need to really condition it. With curls, it takes longer for your natural oils to make it from the scalp to the ends of your hair. This makes the end dry out and look even more frizzy. Combat this by using a fantastic conditioner every day. Follow the same rules for selecting your shampoo when you choose conditioners. In addition, use products that can double as leave-in conditioners. Choose your products carefully, so they don’t weigh hair down but still deliver moisture. A good rule of thumb is using sprays for soft curls, thicker gels for larger curls and dense creams for crimpy curls.

  • When to Apply Products

Often the best thing to do with curly hair is skip towel drying until after you have put in a leave-in conditioner or other styling products. This will allow you to get the oil from root to tip and then scrunch upward to make the most out of your curls.

  • What Touches Your Hair

It may not seem like much, but what touches your hair can contribute to the frizziness. If you are using a terry-cloth towel to aggressively hand-dry your hair, you will fray the cuticle and add to the frizz. Instead, try blotting with a microfiber cloth. You should also avoid course winter hats, scarves and hoodies. Instead opt for satin-lined hoods and hats to reduce cuticle fray.

  • Always Use a Diffuser

You want to always use a diffuser when you blow dry your hair so you don’t overheat your curls and cause more damage. Regular nozzles focus heat in one spot causing damage. Instead, opt for a product to protect your strands from heat, then use your hair dryer with a diffuser. Flip your head upside down, and dry from root to middle. Leave your ends to air dry as they are usually more damaged and need the extra care.

  • Combs Are Your Friend Heat is Not

You should also consider getting rid of your hair brush as the bristles will fray your hair even more. Instead use your fingers and a wide tooth pick or comb to detangle. It’s also a good idea to turn down the heat on your curls. Using hair dryers regularly, flat irons and hot showers can all cause damage. If your curls have lost their bounce, apply a deep conditioning mask. This will cause new hydrogen bonds to be created, restoring your curls.

  • Silk Pillow Case

One of the most often missed, yet very helpful tips of maintaining healthy curls is to swap your cotton pillow case for a silk one. Cotton pillow cases will suck the moisture right out of your hair, leaving your curls frizzy and limp. Using satin can help to keep your curls hydrated and not fray the cuticles of your hair even more.

  • Considerations for the Best Hairspray for Curly Hair

One of the things you need to consider is how you manage and care for your curls on a daily basis. Because the hair shaft for curly hair is different than that of straight hair, the car can be very different. Consider some of the following tips to helping keep your curls in their most natural beauty.

  • The Best Hairspray for Curly Hair Doesn’t Dry Hair Out

Curly hair needs a little more hydration than straight hair. This is why the best hairspray for curly hair has oil in it like argan oil or coconut extract oils. These will not only help to hold and define your curls, they will also help to protect the hair strand.


With these newfound tips for caring you will be able to go out and select the best hairspray for curly hair from the products above. Try some of the new tips for caring for your hair and then pick up one of the hairspray products from the list. If it doesn’t hold up to humidity and take your frizz the way you want, try a different one and you’re sure to get the right match.

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