Best Half Wigs For Black Women That Complement Your Natural Hair

Black women have perfected the art of using gorgeous wigs to complement their natural hair. Half wigs are different from full cap ones since they leave an area of your own hair along the top of your head exposed. They still go on top of your head, however, as opposed to underneath like extensions. Because of this, it is important that the half wig matches your hair fairly well. If you are thinking of buying one of the half wigs for black women, then consider these affordable, durable, and stylish options.

Some of the half wigs that look good on black women

PictureNameHair Style/TexturePriceRating
Vivica A. Fox HW-TWEEDY Synthetic FiberCurly Bob Style$$3.0
Outre Quick Weave Synthetic HalfwigCurly hair$$4.0
OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Amber 1bCurly hair$4.1
Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Halfwig - Livia-1Straight Long Hair$$4.1
Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Annie,1 Straight Long Hair$$4.4
Liaohan® Two Tone Ombre Wig Dip Dye Curly WigLong Curly $5.0
Sensationnel Instant Weave Synthetic HalfwigLong Curly hair$$3.7
OneDor 23" Curly 3/4 Ladies Half Wig$$4.4
OneDor 22" Slight Curly 3/4 Ladies Half Wig Slight Curly$$4.0
OUTRE Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Penny 26" (DR30)Long Curly $$4.6

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#7 – Sensationnel Instant Weave Synthetic Halfwig

stylish half wig for woman

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This half wig will instantly make your hair look more luxurious and full while giving the appearance of a weave. In fact, some people have even mistaken it for high-quality Brazilian Remy hair. It is attached with combs in the front as well as the back and has the average cap size with a 21.25-inch circumference. This allows it to work well for most women. The elastic band makes it more comfortable. It is also affordable enough to be one of several half wigs that you rotate depending on your mood.

#6 – Liaohan Two Tone Ombre Wig Dip Dye Curly Wig


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This is a great half wig for black women who want to add a bit of color to their hair without having to actually dye it themselves. The top of the wig is black so it will blend seamlessly in with your natural hair while the lower portion adds the purple color that is so stylish. There are even several colors to choose from, including brown, blue, and burgundy. This wig features long wavy hair and measures 65 centimeters long. The heat resistant synthetic hair can be blow dried and washed to maintain it with ease.

#5 – Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Annie, 1
half hair wig for black woman

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This half wig is the perfect addition to make your hair look better than ever. You can self style it in just 60 seconds and look great with long, black hair that matches your complexion beautifully. The synthetic fiber is heat resistant, which means that you can style it using hot tools at temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The adjustable cap will fit most heads with its 21.5-inch circumference and 13.5 inches between ears. Using an electric iron can help maintain the straight appearance of this particular half wig.

#4 – Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Halfwig – Livia-1

synthetic half wig for black women

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Another beautiful half wig from the same manufacturer, this one has the combs in the front and back and features an adjustable strap to help you hold it in place. There is no drawstring. The cap has a circumference of 21.25 inches and is 13.5 inches between the ears with 14.25 inches from the front to back. It even comes with basic instructions on how to put on the wig for a natural look and enjoy layered hair. This half wig is designed to easily blend with your actual hair to give you the impression of fullness.

#3 – Outre Synthetic Hair Half Wig Quick Weave Amber 1b

best half wig for women

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Just like the previous half wigs, this one doesn’t have a drawstring but does feature an adjustable strap and two combs, one each in the front and back. The cap size is identical to the other products from Outre. This wig has a different hair texture than the others, giving you long curly hair in layers. As with other products from this brand, it is designed to be easy to use and affordable so you can get several different half wigs and rotate them whenever you want to change your style.

#2 – Outre Quick Weave Synthetic Half Wig – Kenya – 1B

synthetic half wig

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This particular wig also gives you curly hair, but it is slightly shorter than in the previous model. This hair also features natural-looking highlights to add some color to your hair and create an eye-catching and stylish appearance. This product is perfect for letting your hair recover or simply rest after braiding, weaves, or other damaging styling techniques.

#1 – Vivica A. Fox HW-TWEEDY Synthetic Fiber, ¾ Half Wig In Color 1B – Half Wig With Human Hair

vivica half wig

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A final one of the top half wigs is this option from Vivica A. Fox. It is made completely from Kanekalon synthetic fiber which increases the price tag slightly along with the durability. The color is best referred to as off black and is in a 14-inch bob style with kinky curly hair. It can be styled and has a secure comb in the front with another in the back. When used correctly, this half wig makes it look like a flawless weave.

How To Find The Right Half Wigs For Black Women

Whether you plan on using your half wig for daily use or for special occasions, you will want to do some research ahead of time to make sure that you get the right product. Half wigs are a great alternative to full wigs since they tend to be more affordable and weigh less, making them more comfortable. Consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best one.

  • Color

One of the most important considerations for a half wig is the color of the hair. While this is always a concern as you want the hair color to look good on you, it is particularly crucial for half wigs since they tend to leave some of your natural hair exposed. As such, you will want to look for a half wig that is similar in color to your hair, at least at the top where it will connect. If the color is close, you will be able to achieve a natural look through careful blending, but this will be much harder to do if you opt for a dramatically different shade.

You should also think about what color you prefer and whether you want a solid color, one with highlights, or even one in ombre. There are numerous solid black or dark brown half wigs to choose from for those who want it to look like their hair hasn’t been dyed. If you prefer lighter brown highlights or even fun, colorful highlights, you will find options as well. You can even get ombre half wigs that are dark at the top and fade as you go down. These will match your darker natural hair while adding a pop of color, making them a win-win for those who enjoy the look.

  • Hair Texture

As with any wig, you will want to carefully consider the type of texture you want for your wig. Do you want an afro-style or curly, kinky hair? Or would you prefer straight hair, a wavy look, or even layers? This is a matter of personal preference so think about what you like best. If you opt for a wig with straight hair, you also need to consider whether you want it to look like African-American hair that has been relaxed or non-African-American hair.

  • Hair Length

Don’t forget to consider the length of the wig before buying. If you want half wigs that just make your hair look fuller, then you will want to pick one that is about the same length as your natural hair. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a protective style that will give you long flowing locks or just keep your hair from damage, you will need to think about the length you like best. Keep in mind that you can always cut a wig’s hair so it is shorter but you have to buy a new wig if you want longer hair. In addition to reading the measurement of the hair length, look at pictures so you can visually see where it falls, particularly with curly or wavy wigs.

  • Hair Material And Price

Just like other wigs, half wigs will be made of either human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair will be more affordable than human hair, but if you go with a very cheap option, it may look it. Synthetic wigs are easier to find and can usually be styled without heat. You will also see a larger range of colors, textures, and cuts and these wigs are easier to care for. The trade-off, however, is that synthetic wigs may be very shiny or harder to blend with your hair. They are also frequently not able to be dyed or heat-styled as doing so would damage them.

Human hair half wigs will be significantly more expensive than synthetic ones in many cases, but they are worth it in many cases. They tend to last longer, be of higher quality, and look more natural. These wigs will also be easier to blend with your natural hair and can always be dyed or styled with hot tools.

  • Heat Resistance And Coloring

As mentioned, wigs made with human hair can be styled using hot tools while not all synthetic ones can. If you are planning on buying a synthetic wig, take some time to figure out whether heat styling is important to you. If so, splurge on the slightly more expensive wigs as they will withstand this with ease. Opting for a heat-resistant wig is a great way to get several styles out of the same piece since you can straighten or curl it just like you would natural hair.

While looking at heat resistance, figure out whether you want a wig that you can dye as well. As with heat, all human hair wigs should be able to put up with coloring treatments and the best synthetic ones will as well. Coloring can be a useful tool if you want to change your style or just get the wig’s color closer to that of your natural hair for blending purposes.

  • Frequency Of Use

Before making your purchase, think about how often you plan on using the wig. Some people will want to use the same half wig every day so people around them get used to the idea that this is their natural hair. Others like to have several different half wigs so they can change their style on a daily basis without any effort. If you plan on using the same wig every day, then you will want to get a sturdy one that is highly durable and has great reviews; consider spending extra money to get the best option. If, on the other hand, you plan on buying several pieces, you will probably want to choose more affordable options so you don’t go over budget and durability won’t be as important. Those who can afford it, however, should still consider splurging on a higher-quality wig, even if they will be buying several.

  • Other Notes On Price

In addition to thinking about your budget and recognizing that paying more for a half wig will get you a higher quality product, you should think about how certain you are that you want a particular style. Some women will know exactly what they want their hair to look like and in this case, it is worth splurging on a high-quality half wig. If, however, you aren’t positive whether you want a wig with straight, curly, or wavy hair or don’t know the color and length you’d prefer, consider buying a few cheap half wigs. This way, you can test them out and see which you like best and then find a higher-quality one in the same style that will last longer.

  • Attachment Method

The vast majority of half wigs you find will attach to your head via combs. Some, however, will have headbands that put them in place. Both attachment methods work well, but most women will be more comfortable with one of the other. You will have to try them out to see which you prefer, although most half wigs will attach via combs.

How to attach a half wig to complement your natural hair


Figure out whether you want a half wig with curly hair, kinky hair, or straight hair and what type of cut you would prefer. Then, you just need to determine your budget, how often you plan on wearing it, and what hairstyle you prefer. Any of these half wigs would be a great addition to your style.


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