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Hair loss is a natural part of getting older but it can also be caused by a range of other conditions. If you have already talked to your doctor or know that your thinning hair is due to aging, then using the best shampoo for hair loss can help remedy your problem. These shampoos have ingredients that help stimulate hair growth or at the very least make it appear thicker. The issue, however, is that there are dozens if not hundreds of shampoos claiming to help with hair loss. This can make it nearly impossible to know which one to choose. Use the following information to discover the best options that will actually make a difference and show you results while cleaning your hair.

Comparison Chart of The Best Shampoos For Hair Loss

AmplixinShampoo - 8 oz
Conditioner - 8 oz
Serum - 2 oz
PURA D'OR16 oz$$4.0
NUTRIFOLICANot listed$5.0
LeClaire Beauty Not listed$$3.7
Lipogaine8 oz$$4.4
Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye8 oz$$4.4
Clove - Moringa Natural Hair Growth Shampoo For Hair Loss3.4 oz$4.4
PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo8 oz$$4.3
Pure Biology Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo8 oz$4.9
Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth8 oz$4.3

Detailed Review of Shampoos for hair loss

Instead of searching through all the shampoos on the market and seeing which of those products meet the considerations mentioned above, just look at these top options. Each of the following could be considered the best shampoo for hair loss and are well worth the investment. You just need to choose which one you prefer.

#7 – Clove – Moringa Natural Hair Growth Shampoo For Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Prevention


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In the perfect size for traveling, this natural shampoo prevents alopecia and hair loss. It contains eugenol and clove leaf oil to stimulate hair growth and encourage your dormant hair follicles to become active. The eugenol activates your hair growth channel. This product is completely organic and fights hair loss in both men and women by combating negative effects of DHT.

#6 – Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye | Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Solace Conditioner 8 fl oz


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Going with this Ultrax Labs Hair Surge product gives you a shampoo designed to control hair loss as well as hair growth. It contains powerful caffeine compounds which helps to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and block effects of testosterone within the skin. Caffeine is the powerful ingredient that helps to extend and stimulate the life cycle of hair follicles and encourage healthy hair.  It will deep clean your scalp and hair, eliminating dirt and oils. Although the bottle is only 8 ounces, it is highly concentrated and should last about three months, making it incredibly affordable. The shampoo is incredibly gentle on your hair and works best when used with the related conditioner. As it contains  powerful caffeine and Ketoconazole compounds it helps in hair growth supported by ongoing studies.

#5 – Lipogaine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating All Natural Shampoo


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This hair loss shampoo is made for men and women since 2012. It contains ketoconazole, biotin and  EMU oil. EMU oil works as a moisture to ease dry scalp caused by ketoconazole. Its unique formula allows for the scalp to become rebalanced at the same time it reduces itching and flaking. This professionally formulated hair loss shampoo brings the good parts of both sides together by infusing ketoconazole with a natural DHT blocker blend for a premium quality shampoo free of any harsh chemicals.

It is the most effective shampoo for men as well as women. This shampoo is infused with the scientifically proven ingredient ketoconazole (0.2%) and natural DHT blocker blend that promotes healthy hair growth and prevents further hair loss. Lipogaine is fortified with natural, gentle ingredients that help prevent hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth. Best thing about it is, its mild and free of harsh chemicals. The shampoo is safe for colored and keratin treated hair. The product is proudly made in USA.

#4 – LeClaire Hair Growth-Genesis Anti Hair Loss Length Volume Split End Repair Shampoo

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For those with a medium-sized budget, this professional-quality product is the best shampoo for hair loss. Using this product makes your hair fuller and smoother by repairing the follicles from the inside out. The formula has a patent pending and is the only hair growth formula that contains this particular blend of over 20 clinical actives designed to stop hair loss. The shampoo also increases your volume, shine, and hair length. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like sulfates or parabens and combines natural and clinical ingredients to promote hair growth without damage. The ingredients include 18 amino acids, omega 3 vitamins, and shea butter along with the patented formula.

#3 – Nutrifolica Hair Growth Treatment Shampoo

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This particular product is a great investment because it comes with a 100-percent guarantee for six months. In other words, if you use it correctly and don’t see the results that you should, you will get your money back. It works to stop your hair loss naturally without any pills or drugs and their negative side effects.

Nutrifolica includes natural DHT blockers and inhibitors in the product, meaning that it targets the hormone responsible for hair loss. Saw palmetto is a key ingredient and one of the best DHT blockers. At the same time, this shampoo will exfoliate your scalp to get rid of dirt and oil that has built up and is blocking the follicles and new growth. This is done via nettles, chamomile, and alpha hydroxy while aloe vera restores the moisture balance. It also nourishes and stimulates the follicles with capsicum, the ingredient in hot peppers that stimulates blood flow.

#2 – PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo (Gold Label)


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Those on a budget who want the shampoo for hair loss they can afford will appreciate this product from    PURA D’OR. It works to control hair loss, adds volume to your hair, and improves the overall texture. This shampoo has organic extracts and essential nutrients which helps to  nourish hair follicles, reversing damage and promoting cell growth.

In addition to preventing hair loss, it strengthens your hair shaft and provides your hair with nutrition. Powerful blend of Biotin, Pumpkin Seed & Black Cumin Seed Oil, Nettle and other natural ingredients reduces shedding, increases volume & thickens hair. There is also a conditioner from the same brand available.

#1 – Amplixin Hair Loss Stimulating Shampoo & Revitalizing Conditioner

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If you can afford it, this Amplixin system is the best shampoo for hair loss. It comes in a set with conditioner and a serum to help stimulate hair growth. Although it is pricy, it has great reviews and gives you over a month worth of product. It works for both men and women. The ingredient combination slows down the rate of hair loss while making your hair look thicker.

This Amplixin product contains many of the ingredients mentioned above, including caffeine and other DHT blockers like biomimetic peptides and red clover. There are no parabens or sulfates in the shampoo, conditioner, or serum and it works on all hair types. Therefore, it won’t lead to excess drying or other issues.

What To Consider In Your Shampoo

Part of choosing the shampoo for hair loss is knowing what you need to look for. The right products will be gentle on your hair and stimulate hair growth. Some may improve circulation or just contain essential oils. Consider the following factors when looking for your next hair cleanser.

  • DHT Blockers

DHT is a hormone that unfortunately blocks hair growth. Because of this, shampoos for hair loss will have a DHT blocker. This substance essentially stops DHT from getting to your scalp so it can never stop the hair growth. One of the best natural DHT blockers is saw palmetto, an herb. You can also look for nettles, emu oil, green tea, caffeine, or ketoconazole.

  • Organic Ingredients

Ideally, you should choose a shampoo that only has organic ingredients or very few chemicals. Chemicals can be harsh on the hair and scalp, damaging your follicles or other parts of the hair strands. This in turn can actually worsen balding or at the very least prevent you from seeing results.

  • Includes Cayenne

Cayenne is one of the many ingredients found in the top shampoos for hair loss. Its spicy nature has been linked to increasing circulation by drawing blood to your scalp. Since circulation is key to stopping hair loss, shampoos containing cayenne tend to be effective. Shampoos may also contain capsicum, the active ingredient in cayenne that provides the results.

  • Has Caffeine Compounds

Check the ingredient list of your potential shampoo to see whether it has caffeine compounds. These compounds can block DHA, a hormone that limits the effects of the testosterone linked to hair loss. Caffeine compounds can also help stimulate hair growth.

  • Contains Argan Oil

Argan oil is perfect for many different types of shampoos. It works to fight hair loss by shrinking your hair follicles while encouraging new growth. Therefore it makes your current hair pliant and strong. As a bonus, it is also highly moisturizing so your locks stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Other Ideal Ingredients

There are plenty of other ingredients to look for in the best shampoo for hair loss. Plant stem cells are fairly new, but they can help stimulate your hair growth. Other things linked to hair growth and scalp balance are rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. Gingko biloba is a great ingredient as it improves your circulation, promoting hair growth.

  • No Parabens Or Sulfates

The hair loss shampoos will also avoid certain ingredients. Parabens, for example, have harmful estrogens that contribute to hair loss. Lauryl sulfate can also cause hair loss. The first of these is a common preservative in shampoo while the second is used to add volume to your hair and create the suds most people expect. Other sulfates also strip away natural oils, leaving you susceptible to hair loss.

  • Other Things To Avoid

In addition to sulfates, you should avoid shampoos with other thickeners and foaming agents, such as polyethylene glycol and sodium chloride, both of which take away moisture from your hair. Preservatives other than parabens, like formaldehyde, can also harm the hair. You should also avoid irritants that lead to brittle or thin hair or worsen hair loss. Examples include artificial colors, propylene glycol, fragrances, triethanolamine, and diethanolamine. Also avoid shampoo with alcohol or greasers like petroleum, mineral oil, or lanolin.

  • pH Balance

Make sure that whatever shampoo you choose has a balanced pH level. Otherwise, your hair may get weaker after using it, making your problems worse.

  • Scalp Type

Consider your scalp type when looking for your next shampoo. Even those suffering from hair loss can have various types of scalps. Those with oily scalps will want something that says it increases volume, strengthens, or balances instead of something that hydrates or moisturizes. If, on the other hand, your scalp is oily, opt for a shampoo that hydrates, soothes, or moisturizes. Those with normal scalp can go with any shampoo for hair loss.

  • Hair Type

Nearly everyone looking for shampoo for hair loss will have thin hair. This means you should choose a product that is for strengthening, balancing, or volume. If you happen to have thick hair that is falling out, you will want a shampoo that prioritizes moisture. Opt for ingredients like olive or jojoba oil, shea butter, or glycerin.

  • Colored Hair

If you are losing hair and color it, you need a shampoo that takes care of the damage from the color treatment and promotes hair growth. It should also be gentle on the coloring, preventing fading. Choose a shampoo that specifies it is safe for colored hair.

  • Brand

Consider whether you have any brand loyalty. Nearly every brand makes a shampoo designed to fight hair loss so if you love products from a certain brand, consider sticking to them. If not, you will be free to pick based on the other considerations.

  • Is There A Conditioner?

Think about your hair care routine. Do you just want to use a shampoo or do you want a related conditioner? The shampoo for hair loss will have a related conditioner from the same brand and possibly even other products in the system. You should also consider whether you want to buy these items together or separately.

  • Price

As always, price is a concern. It is worth it to pay more for a hair loss shampoo that relies on natural ingredients and doesn’t contain those you should avoid. That being said, be honest about your budget.

  • Bottle Type

Think about if you care about the bottle type. Some people prefer bottle caps that flip open while others like squeeze bottles or pumps. Decide whether it matters to you and choose accordingly. Remember that you can always buy another bottle for your shampoo and transfer it.


Think about which of the requirements mentioned above are most important to you and then choose a shampoo from the list. Any of them should give you the results you want and make your hair look thicker, minimizing the impact of your hair loss. Evaluate your budget, make a purchase, and see results.

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