How to Select Top Full Lace Wigs

When you start searching for your next great wig, you will have hundreds of options or more. Full lace wigs are among the most popular for their flexibility. The average full lace wig will have a stretch cap with individual strands pulling through it to make it appear as if the hair comes right from your scalp. The only downside is that you need to apply it with bonding glue or tape, but you get full coverage and natural-looking hair. If you are considering one of these products, take a look at the best full lace wigs.

Few of the good full lace wigs 

PictureNameHair TexturePriceRating
Elva Hair Glueless Full Lace Wigs & Lace Front WigsBody Wave $$$4.9
Chantiche 6A Light Yaki Glueless Full Lace Wig Straight$$$3.8
Reheemi Women 12” - 24” Long Body Wave 100% Indian Remy Human HairLong Body Wave$$$5.0
Remeehi Charming Women Lace Front WigCurly with Baby Hair$$3.2
Elva Hair Glueless Full Lace WigsShort Body Wave$$3.6
Echo Beauty Brazilian Virgin Hair Human Hair 130% Density Lace Human Hair WigsWet and Wavy/Natural Wave$$3.7
Mike & Mary Top 7A All Handmade Human Hair Full Lace WigsSilky Straight$$$$4.2
R&S Full Lace Human Hair WigsBody Wave $$$4.3
CLbuxi Hair 8A Brazilian Remy Virgin Hair Full Lace WigsStraight$$$4.4
Human Hair Straight full lace wig by Dream BeautyStraight$$4.4

Detailed and independent reviews of top rated full lace wigs 

Now that you have a better idea of what you should be looking for in your next full lace wig, take a look at some of the best products that meet all of those requirements. Consider the above tips as well as your ideal personal style to choose among these products.

#7 – Mike & Mary Top 7A All Handmade Human Hair Full Lace Wig

human hair full lace wig

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This top full lace wigs are made with human hair so it is the same color that your natural hair is. It is 22 inches long and nice and straight, creating a classy look. The Swiss lace cap is of high quality so you can trust that it will fit your head. The cap is a medium size and stretches at the crown. The wig itself is hand tied and a density of about 120 percent. The virgin hair means that it looks incredibly natural and no one will know you are wearing a wig and hence its in my list of best full lace wigs. This is also part of my list of best human hair wigs.

#6 – Echo Beauty Brazilian Virgin Hair Human Hair Lace Wig

brazilian hair full lace wig

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As the name of this particular top full lace wigs implies, it is made of Brazilian virgin hair and has a 130-percent density for a natural look. Its glue-less nature makes it comfortable and the wig measures 14 inches long, falling down to the chest. The hair color is completely unprocessed and natural, but you can bleach or dye it. It includes an average size cap which can be adjusted with the attached straps to fit any head.

#5 – Elva Hair Glueless Full Lace Wigs

glueless full lace wig

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Elva makes some of the best full lace wigs and this brand uses unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair to give you the natural appearance that you want. The color is naturally medium brown with some dark brown, but you can bleach or dye it without damaging the wig. You can choose from a small or medium cap size depending on your head shape and needs. This particular model has 8-inch long hair with gentle waves on one side of the head and slightly curlier hair on the other. Since it is made from actual hair, you can use hot curlers or flat irons on the hair, but doing so will shorten its life.

#4 – Remeehi Charming Women Lace Front Wig Curly 1B# Off Black

women full lace wig

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The off black color of this top full lace wigs makes it appear natural and it is made from 100 percent human hair for an authentic look that no one will doubt. It even has baby hairs that go by the hairline to make the wig look more like the real thing. The hair is soft and of high-quality and can put up with a reasonable amount of styling on a regular basis.

#3 – Reheemi Women 12” – 24” Long Body Wave 100% Indian Remy Human Hair

raheemi full lace wigs

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This top full lace wigs are from the same brand as the previous one but has a very different style. It is designed to have a wavy appearance and you can choose the length from one of seven sizes between 12 and 24 inches. The hair is 100 percent Indian Remy human hair with medium brown lace. You can choose from a small, medium, or large cap, with medium being the default option. This wig is versatile enough to put up in a ponytail and although it has a lace base, you can order it with a silk one instead. The density ranges from 115 to 130 percent, meaning that you get luxurious and thick hair when using the wig. Reviewers agree that it looks natural and even say they are frequently told people can’t believe this is a wig.

#2 – Chantiche 5A Light Yaki Glueless Full Lace Wig – Chantiche Lace Wig Review

chantiche lace wig review

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The Chantiche Lace Wig is only sold by its own company, making it an exclusive and high-quality product and hence its in my list of best full lace wigs. It is made from Brazilian human hair so no one will ever know you are wearing a wig and it measures 14 inches long. The cap is medium size and the lace is light brown. This wig has a density of 130 percent and can be pulled into a ponytail without damaging it. As a yaki wig, this one looks a bit like relaxed African-American hair, making it a good choice for those who want hair that looks like the real thing. It even has baby hair to help fool people into thinking it is your hair.

#1 – Elva Hair Glueless Lace Front Wigs

full lace wigs

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The top product on the list of the best full lace wigs is another product from Elva. The lace front wig measures 12 inches and gives you a wavy/curly look complete with baby hair and bleached knots. It is made from unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair and has the option of three cap sizes. The standard version of the wig comes with a 130 percent density, but you can also order it with 150 or 180 percent density for an extra fee. The natural color can be dyed and bleached if you want to change its appearance.

Tips For Choosing The Right Full Lace Wigs

As soon as you start looking at the best full lace wigs, you will notice that some are better than others and they feature various materials, lengths, and colors.

  • Hair Type

The best full lace wigs will be made from human hair, but you can also find some which are synthetic. Synthetic wigs are typically much more affordable, but they won’t always look as natural. They offer a wider range of colors and textures, but can’t typically be dyed or styled using hot tools. Human hair, on the other hand, can be styled with hot tools and dyed, but will always be more expensive.

Even within the category of human hair, you will notice several options. Remy hair has all of its hair cuticles intact. It also means that these cuticles are aligned within the same direction to help reduce the risk of tangles. Most Remy hair will be processed in some way to make it look like the given texture. The exception to this is virgin hair, which is still completely natural, without any processing. There are even some variations among the various types of Remy hair. Indian Remy tends to be thin, lightweight, and wispy and Malaysian Remy is a bit thicker with more body and volume and less sheen. By comparison, Chinese Remy will be the thickest and ideal for dying a light color. Mongolian Remy has the least sheen and more natural wave.

  • Ideal Texture

You will of course need to decide what type of texture you want for your lace wig and this depends on the look you prefer. You can go with straight, wavy, curly, or kinky hair. Silky straight hair will look more like European hair which is straight. Light yaki hair is straight, but doesn’t have a shine and looks similar to loose curly or wavy hair which was straightened. Yaki hair is a bit coarser and looks like African-American hair which has been relaxed or very curly hair that was straightened.

If a wig says it has an AA relaxed texture, this means it is designed to look just like Afro texture hair that was hot-pressed or relaxed while kinky straight hair seems like natural Afro hair that was blow-dried to be straight.

  • Looking Natural

When considering the texture you want for your wig, think about whether you want it to look like it is your own hair. If this is the case, you will want to choose one of the above textures that most closely matches your particular hair type. If you don’t care whether people who know you well can tell you are wearing a wig, then go ahead and choose whichever texture you prefer.

  • Cap Color

The vast majority of caps that come with full lace wigs will be some shade of brown as they are designed to match the average skin tone and look good with the hair. Transparent caps are ideal for those with white or creamy skin while light brown caps work well on light brown skin and dark brown caps are best for dark brown skin. While looking at the cap, consider whether it just has lace in the front or in the back as well. Those with lace on both sides will typically offer a better fit.

  • Hair Color

Most of the top full lace wigs will be either black or dark brown as this is a natural hair color that looks good on most people of all complexions. You can also find wigs with highlights and many other shades, such as light or dark brown. Figure out which color you think looks best on you and go for it. If you like to occasionally change your style, then pick a wig that can be dyed.

  • Hair Cut

As with any wig, the hair cut of your lace wig will also be an important consideration. Do you want long hair or would you prefer short locks? Should it all be the same length or do you want layers? This depends on how you like to wear your hair and your reason behind getting a wig. If, for example, you want your hair to be longer, you should obviously go with a longer option. Some women will prefer to buy shorter wigs during the summer months so they aren’t as warm. If you can’t find a wig in the hair cut that you like, search for one that is longer than you like and have it professionally cut for a polished appearance.

  • Look At Hair Line

Although it is sometimes hard to tell in pictures, you should pay attention to where the hairline of the lace wig is. To create a natural result, find a wig that falls right where your actual hairline is. You want the lace to fall two to five inches within this line.

  • Heat Resistance And Coloring Capability

Depending on how you plan on using your wig, you will also want to check whether you can dye, bleach, or use hot styling tools with it. You can almost always do these things with natural hair, but only the best quality synthetic wigs will make them possible. Dying or using hot tools on cheap synthetic wigs will ruin them so you will want to pay for a better one if you plan on doing either thing.

  • Maintenance

Every type of wig will require general care, including washing, conditioning, drying, and styling. Despite this, some types are easier to care for than others. Synthetic hair is frequently easier to maintain, but wigs made with real hair aren’t significantly harder. That being said, opting for Chinese virgin Remy or Indian virgin Remy hair will typically be easier to maintain because of the lack of processing.

  • Price

Although price is always a concern when looking for your next hair accessory, the best full lace wigs will be worth the extra cost. More expensive wigs are more likely to last longer, have good warranties, be tolerant of dyes and hot tools, and have human hair. It is worth paying a bit extra for any of these things as well as increased adjustability for the cap. In most cases, paying a little bit more will help give you a natural look that fools people into thinking it is your actual hair.

How to put a full lace wig


With so many styles available from the best full lace wigs, you should be able to find the perfect choice for you. Think about whether you want straight or curly hair, the length you prefer, how much you want to spend, the type of material you prefer, and how much styling you plan on doing. Any of these wigs would be perfect.

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