Choosing The Best Wigs for Cancer Patients

Fighting cancer is a real struggle and for many people, losing their hair as part of chemotherapy or other treatments only makes it harder emotionally. Luckily there are hundreds if not thousands of great and best wigs for cancer patients available to help hide chemo-related hair loss and give you confidence. When choosing among them, consider the style, length, and color of hair you prefer as well as your budget.

Few of the Good Wigs for Cancer Patients Available in the Market

PictureNameHair Style/TexturePriceRating
Trend Blonde Mix Long Curly WigDark Brown Golden Blonde Mix Long Curly Wig $$4.4
Arison Hair 7A Full Lace Human Hair Blonde WigsSilky Straight Brazilian Hair Wig$$$5.0
WY Blue Sky Flaxen Mixed Short Straight Medium Layered Synthetic Cosplay WigFlaxen Mixed Short Full Straight Medium Size Layered Side Bangs Fringe$$$2.7
Capless Nobby Side Bangs Silvery Gray Short Straight Synthetic Hair WigSilvery Gray Short Straight$4.1
Angelaicos Women's Middle Parting Party Straight Full WigLong Straight Brown$$$5.0
Auburn Red Short Straight Shoulder Length as Real Hair Synthetic WigsRed Full Straight Layered Medium Size Shoulder Length with Bangs Fringe $$$3.4
Fringe Bangs for HeadwearFringe Bangs for Headwear$5.0
BLONDE UNICORN 100% Hand Tied Natural Short WigsNatural Short$$$4.1
Short Ombre Wigs Natural Looking Synthetic Hair Full Wigsshort straight$4.0
BLONDE UNICORN Medium Lgenth Natural Straight Bob WigStraight Bob$$4.3

Wigs for Cancer Patients Independent Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of cancer patients wigs to give you a head start on your search. All of these items do very well at meeting the above requirements, but you will also have to consider your own personal style.

#7 – Fringe Bangs For Headwear

best wigs for cancer patients

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While most women look at full wigs for cancer patients, some don’t necessarily need the whole thing and feel comfortable with just enough to fake having a full head of hair underneath a hat, bandana, or scarf. This is the ideal product in these cases as the bangs are about 2 ½ inches long and 7 ¼ inches wide. The product can work well with nearly any type of headwear and gives you a full appearance without seeming bulky. The hair comes on a Velcro strip so you can connect it to any headwear with ease.

#6 – WY Blue Sky New 18 Inch Auburn Red Full Straight Hair

wigs for cancer patients

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As the description says, this wig has natural-looking auburn hair that is about 18 inches long. The description says cosplay, but the imitation scalp and lattice net make it comfortable enough for daily wear and the high-quality construction makes it look like natural hair. The latticed net is also adjustable so it can fit a range of head sizes. This wig is also lightweight it won’t feel heavy or bulky on your head and easy to wash. It is made from high-temperature silk and comes with a free wig cap for convenience and is therefore in our list of best wigs for cancer patients.

#5 – Angelaicos Womens Fashion Natural Looking Lolita Daily Wigs Long Straight Brown

good wigs for cancer patients

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This is one of the perfect wigs for cancer patients who miss having long, flowing hair. The wig is high quality and as the description implies, it is fairly long, reaching down to your chest. It is a light brown color and straight texture that makes it easy to maintain. Best of all, the material is a heat-resistant synthetic fire so you can style it with a heating tool if you want. The cap is also adjustable with the interior hooks so you shouldn’t need to use any tape or pins and the circumference is 56 centimeters, meaning it is large enough for nearly everyone. This high quality wig can even withstand daily use with ease, making it a great option for cancer patients who want to wear the same wig every day to maintain a sense of normalcy. The wig looks natural and only a well-trained eye will be able to tell it isn’t your natural hair, even when they feel its soft texture.

#4 – Capless Nobby Side Bangs Silvery Gray Short Straight Synthetic Hair Wig For Elderly Women

chemo patients wigs

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For those who were going gray before they began to lose their hair from cancer treatments and don’t mind showing off a stylish gray hairstyle, this is the perfect option. It is highly affordable and in a stylish, natural cut and color and is therefore part of our list of wigs for cancer patients. Despite its low price tag, this wig is custom made and has an adjustable side. It is made from high-quality Japanese Kanekalon fiber which is comfortable and flexible and can handle half a year to a year of constant use. The capless design of the wig makes it more breathable and it won’t fade and resists UV light. The cap is a standard size of about 22 ¼ inches in circumference.

#3 – WY Blue Sky Flaxen Mixed Short Full Straight Medium Size Layered Side Bangs Wig

good wigs for cancer patients

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Those who prefer hair that frames the face in short layers will enjoy this blonde wig that looks natural. Like the previous products, it is adjustable and it also features a breathable lattice net. This wig for cancer patients has an imitation scalp and is lightweight for added comfort and stylish side-swept bangs. It is also fairly affordable. Don’t be fooled by the “cosplay” part of the title; this wig looks natural enough to wear on a regular basis and fool the casual onlooker into thinking it is your real hair. It also comes with a wig cap to help you wear the wig.

#2 – Arison Hair 7A Full Lace Human Hair Blonde Wigs

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One of the best wigs for cancer patients if you are willing to spend a bit of money is this blonde one. It features long blonde hair that is straight and tangle-free with length varying from 8 to 28 inches. The higher price tag comes from the 100 percent virgin human hair used to create the wig. This means that it looks natural and doesn’t have any smell. It also has high-quality construction including a natural hairline that makes it nearly impossible to tell it is a wig. The medium size cap has adjustable straps so it can it the majority of heads.

#1 – Trend Blonde Dark Brown 35cm Long Mix Long Curly Wig

top wigs for cancer patients

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This affordable wig gives you dark brown hair with some gentle wave and curls that fall just above the shoulder. It is brand new and made from 100 percent Korean high-temperature wire and also include a user manual, wig cap, wig comb, and two clips for convenience. It is 35 centimeters long, perfect for those who want this type of hairstyle and hence its one of the best wigs for cancer patients.

How To Choose Your Wig

To figure out which wig to buy, you will want to think about everything from your budget to the quality and style. Be sure to consider at least the following factors.

  • Budget

The very first step to choosing a wig for cancer patients is figuring out how much you are willing to spend. Good wigs for cancer patients will be more expensive, costing at least $100 if not $200 or more. You can, however, find wigs for as little as $15 to $20 if you want. The thing to remember, however, is that the more expensive models are nearly always worth the price. They will last longer, be easier to care for, look more natural, and even use real hair in some cases. If you want a wig that you can wear every day and/or looks like your natural hair, it will be worth the extra money. If, on the other hand, you want to get several different wigs so you can change your hairstyle on a daily basis with minimal effort, you may want to go with a cheaper one. There are also options that cost somewhere in the middle and are a good compromise in terms of quality.

  • Material

With your budget firmly in mind, think about the type of material you want for your wig. If you have a large budget, then consider looking for a wig that features actual hair. These will feel and look like the real thing because they are. They also tend to be easier to style. There are also many synthetic hair options that look similar to natural locks. Some will look and feel right while others will just meet one of these requirements. Certain materials may also smell slightly off so consider that as well. To get an idea of the quality of material for a product, read reviews and look at plenty of pictures. You can even visit a wig store to try some on or feel the materials before buying online to get the best deal.

  • Color

After thinking about the material you want and your budget, you should have successfully narrowed down your options. Now it is time to think about what color you want, something which comes down to personal preference. Do you want a wig that’s the same color as your natural hair? Or do you see this as an opportunity to go blonde or get the hair color you always wanted? Remember to consider your complexion when selecting the color to go with since you want it to look good on you so you have confidence.

  • Cut

Selecting the right cut for a wig is also a matter of personal preference. Some women prefer long wigs while others like short hair. Getting a wig can be the chance to get the long, flowing locks you always wanted or you may prefer shorter wigs so you don’t have to worry as much about styling them. Remember that longer wigs are more versatile. You can use more accessories and always have the option of cutting them if you change your mind. While you can add extensions to short wigs, this is typically more effort than cutting a long one. Longer wigs will cost more, however, so that is a consideration as well.

  • Straight, Wavy, Or Curly

Don’t forget to think about the type of hair that you want in terms of its texture. Options with straight hair tend to be the easiest to style and maintain as you can just brush them out easily. Wavy or curly hair will require a bit more styling, but can add a bit of fun to your look or may better match your natural hair, meaning fewer people will know you are wearing a wig. You just have to decide what you prefer.

  • Heat-Friendliness

Wigs have truly advanced over the years and some are heat-friendly now. With most wigs, you can get away with curling or straightening them or using another hot tool once or twice, but you risk damaging them in the process. Wigs for cancer patients, however, are designed to withstand these hot tools. This will typically be the case for wigs made with natural hair and some higher-end synthetic ones as well. If you want to truly customize your hairstyle with styling tools, then be sure to get a wig that can handle it. You will also want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when styling the wig so you don’t damage it.

  • Cleaning

Just like anything else you wear on a regular basis, you will occasionally need to clean a wig. Wearing a wig cap helps prevent sweat from affecting the hair, but it may still start to smell or simply get dirty eventually. Before buying a wig, pay attention to how to clean it and make sure you are prepared to do so. Typically wigs made from human hair will require a bit more care, including cleaning and restyling afterwards than synthetic hair, but many people consider it worth the extra effort for the natural appearance. You can also probably find a store somewhere by you that cleans wigs for you if you decide you don’t want to deal with it.

  • Caps, Clips, And More

Don’t forget to consider what comes with the wigs. Most will include a cap and possibly some clips or combs. Hair combs help keep the wig in place, but won’t be very helpful depending on how long your hair currently is. It is always easiest to select a wig that comes with a cap since you know the two products will work seamlessly together. It also saves you the hassle and money of buying the cap. Adjustable caps will be the best option since they fit nearly every size head.

  • Weight

You may not think about it initially, but be sure to also consider how much the wig you are considering weighs. Obviously longer hair will weigh more but the material and style also plays a role as does the thickness and density. Wigs can get hot on your scalp, especially if they are heavy, so you may want to choose a shorter one if you live in a hot climate or summer is approaching.

How to wash and dry a wig


See if any of the best wigs for cancer patients mentioned above catch your eye. Remember that you can always style a wig in a different way, particularly those made from high-quality materials. Regardless of your preferred style, you should be able to find a great wig, either from this list or in other products from the same brands.


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