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All of your styling tools and products should work together to ensure a professional look. This includes your shampoo, gels, mousse, volumizers, hair sprays, curling irons, flat irons and top rated blow dryers. You want to look like you just stepped out of the salon, but for half the price.

Therefore, investing in quality styling tools will ensure you get the styles you want, while protecting your hair from damage. When you invest in professional styling tools you are buying a product that will last you a long time. So, you want to ensure that it contains all the qualities to suit a variety of styling needs. Take your time to understand features that each offer, and you are sure to find styling tools that are made for your hair type and length.

When shopping top rated hair dryers, there are some elements you want to look for. You never want to end up with frizzy hair, as a result of blow drying your hair. This is perhaps the top reason why a lot of people choose to let their hair dry naturally.

Top rated hair dryers will contain advance technologies that will cut down on frizz, help increase volume, and allow you to style your hair with ease.

Comparison Chart Of Best Top Rated Blow Dryers

6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Ionic Hair Dryer110-125 voltsYes$$$4.2
Berta 1875W Negative Ion Hair Blow DryerNot listedYes$$4.4
blowpro Titanium Professional Salon DryerNot listedNot listed$$$4.4
Kadori Professional Blow Dryer Salon Hair Dryer 110-120 voltsNot listed$$3.6
BaByliss Pro BABNTB6610N Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer110-120 voltsNot listed$$4.4
Hot Tools Convertible Turbo Ionic DryerNot listedNot listed$4.7
MHD Tourmaline Titanium Lightweight Blow Hair Dryer110-120 voltsNot listed$3.8
Twin Turbo 3800 Ionic & Ceramic 2100 Watt Hair DryerNot listedNot listed$$$4.2
Wazor Hair Dryer ProfessionalNot listedYes$$4.9
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium DryerNot listedNot listed$$4.4

Detailed Reviews of Best Top Rated Blow Dryers:

Professional Ionic Hair Dryer Handcrafted in France for Europe’s Finest Salons

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The Professional Ionic Hair Dryer was designed by 6th Sense Styling Technology. This dryer will help you obtain a salon look without leaving your home. The design is lightweight, which allows you to maneuver the dryer with ease. No more wearing out your arms and shoulders while you dry your hair.

It comes with a cool shot button, which will help lock in your style. Negative ions are released as you dry your hair, allowing moisture to get locked into the cuticle of your hair. This Professional Dryer has 2 different heat settings, high and low. 6th Sense Styling Technology backs their products by offering a 2 year warranty, and a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. It was crafted by beauty professionals in France, and has remained a favorite among top salons in Europe.

Berta 1875W Professional Hair Dryer  – Berta Hair Dryer Review

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The Professional Hair Dryer by Berta contains an AC motor that is constructed for longevity. Supplies you with 1875 watts, which can have you out the door in no time. Releases negative ions, which help rehydrate your hair. Plus, it cuts down on the frizz.

This Professional Dryer has a cool shot button, allowing you to style with ease. Speed settings include high and low, and there are 3 different temperature settings. Removable attachments are included to help concentrate air while blow drying. It also has double stall type air inlets, which helps deter hair from entering the dryer. Comes with a salon power cord and hanging loop for storing.

blowpro Titanium Professional Salon Dryer

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Among the top rated hair dryers you will find the Titanium Professional Salon Dryer by blowpro. This dryer is constructed with titanium, which helps cut down on frizz. Your drying time will be cut in half, as this dryer has an AC motor and provides 1875 watts. The Titanium Dryer contains 6 white LED lights, which supply the dryer with antimicrobial elements. This will lessen the bacteria and buildup inside of the hair dryer.

With the purchase of your hair dryer, you will receive a Blowout Kit that is valued at $25.50. In this set you will get 3 travel size products to enhance your blow drying experience. These include Thickening Mist, Blow Out Spray Serious Nonstick Hairspray, and Heat Is On Protective Daily Primer.

Kadori Professional blow dryer Salon Hair Dryer G.U.Y 2300 

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The G.U.Y 2300 Blow Dryer created by Kadori Professional delivers high performance that is typically only seen in salons. This dryer contains a Flyweight motor, which generates more power in a shorter amount of time that it takes other hair dryers.

The design works with this robust Flyweight motor to make blow drying your hair effortless. Say good by to wrist pain, as this dryer will have your hair ready to style in no time. Using G.U.Y, ionic and infrared technology, moisture is restored to the cuticles, and the heat is evenly distributed. These technologies work together to decrease frizz, and give you smooth, sleek results.

BaByliss Pro BABNTB6610N Nano Titanium Portofino Dryer, Blue


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The Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Blow Dryer by BaByliss uses a Unique Ferrari V12 engine, which supplies 2000 watts of power. The grill of the dryer is infused with Nano Titanium, which provides quality heat. The Tir-Port Ionic Generator cuts down on frizz, and supplies your hair with a healthy shine.

This BaByliss top rated blow dryers included 6 heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button. The 9 foot tangle free cord allows you to reach all areas of your hair with ease. The Turbo Button will give you a boost of air, which speed up drying times. There are 2 nozzles included, allowing you to direct air flow in the areas you need it the most.

Hot Tools Convertible Turbo Ionic Dryer

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The Convertible Turbo Ionic Dryer by Hot Tools can be used as an every day dryer, as well as a travel dryer. It contains Ionic technology, which helps hydrate the hair, and restore a beautiful shine. The Convertible Dryer comes with a nozzle, which will help you concentrate air flow to a specific area of your hair.

A professional dryer, as it supplies you with 1875 watts of power. The Direct Ion technology also helps decrease the time it takes to blow dry your hair. The design is lightweight, which allows you to dry your hair with ease. There are a variety of heat and speed settings to help you reach a desired look.

MHD Hair Dryer 1875W Professional Blow Dryer – MHD Hair Dryer Review

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MHD designed their Professional Dryer with a DC motor that supplies 1875 watts of power. The motor is lightweight, and cuts down on the noise that the dryer produces and that is the main reason I have included it in my list of top rated blow dryers. This robust dryer allows you to dry your hair with ease in as little as 5 minutes.

The Ionic technology locks moisture into your hair, and decreases your chances of damage. Plus, you will be left with sleek, smooth hair that will shine all day. The cool shot button will let you lock in your style. There are 2 speed settings, including high and low. You have true control over the heat with hot, cold and warm settings available.

The grill of the dryer is constructed with ceramic tourmaline. These elements allow even heat distribution, and allow air to flow more forcefully. MHD included a removable lint filter, which will prolong the life of your dryer. The body design of the dryer is sleek, and easy to maneuver.

Twin Turbo 3800 Ionic & Ceramic 2100 Watt Hair Dryer

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The Twin Turbo Hair Dryer by Pibbs was made in Italy. This dryer uses the most advanced technologies to ensure a professional finish. Your hair will be enriched with a healthy shine, thanks to the combination of negative ions being released, and the ceramic construction.

There are 4 different temperature settings, which allows you to obtain a variety of styles and dry your hair with ease. The Twin Turbo has 2 speed settings, which includes high and low. There is a built in silencer, which helps reduce the noise the dryer puts off. The handle is designed for easy grip, allowing you to dry your hair more efficiently. It also has a built in nickel chrome heating element that contains a safety thermostat.

What to look for in top rated hair dryers

Top rated hair dryers will smooth out the hair, without leaving you with a frizzy mess. The right hair dryer can make all the difference in the way your hair styles and appears. Here are some of the elements you want to look for in top rated hair dryers.


You want a hair dryer that is robust when it comes to power. The power is the main reason why it takes some people a long time to blow dry their hair. If you are drying your hair for 45 minutes to an hour, you better believe it’s the power supply. Your hair dryer should have 1800 watts or more. Professional dryers will have wattage as high as 3600. The higher the wattage is, the pricier the blow dryer will become. However, for those who have thick, curly hair, you want a dryer that has some power. It will help cut down on the time you are spending on drying your hair, and decrease damage.

Ceramic and Tourmaline

If you want a smooth, sleek look then you want to go with a dryer that contains ceramic and tourmaline technology. Ceramic ensures that heat is evenly distributed, while tourmaline is a mineral that helps lock moisture in the cuticle. Hydrating your hair while drying it will ensure smooth results. These two elements work together to fight off frizz, and restore a healthy shine to the hair by adding back moisture.

Cool Shot

You will find that top rated hair dryers typically have a cool shot button. This function is ideal when styling your hair with a round brush. Once the hair is dry, you can use a shot of cool air to lock in your style. It will help add volume and bounce to your hair.


Nozzle attachments are ideal to help smooth out the hair. It basically fits on the nozzle of the dryer, and controls the air flow. You will be able to concentrate on smoothing out problematic areas. You can aim the nozzle down to help decrease fly-aways. For those who want to wear their hair curly, you should use a diffuser, as this will distribute the air as you dry.

Heat and Power Controls

You always want to have control over your heat and power sources. Intense heat will be used when the hair is really wet, while you will want to use lower settings to style your hair. This will help decrease the damage your hair receives. You do not need to blast your hair with high heat and power all the time. It is best if you choose a dryer that lets you control these elements.

How to blow dry your hair like pro

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