Top 6 Real Hair Wigs for Women

There is a special advantage that real hair wigs for women have over the synthetic ones. Products made from natural human hair tend to be more resistant to heat and temperature. This opens up your options for a lot of styling ideas. You could curl the hair, straighten it or even use a blow dryer on it. Moreover, these have a more natural look. These wigs can come in different styles and lengths. A certain bob cut proves to be one of the most popular among short hair length styles. The long and wavy curls look good when the hair is long enough. Those beautiful locks add to the charm of the wig. Brown and black are the dominant colors in this regard. If you are looking for a wig to wear on a daily basis or want it especially for specific occasions, you might find something interesting in our list of best real hair wigs for women.

Comparison List Of Real hair wigs for women

PictureNameHair styleLengthPriceRating
Mike & Mary Short Curly Human Hair Wigs for WomenShort Curly HairNot listed$$2.7
Generic Capless Short Brown Wavy 100% Human Hair WigsShort Brown WavyNot listed$$3.1
Sunwell Human Hair Body Wave For Black WomenBody Wave Long Hair18 inch$$$3.0
Sunwell Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Short Bob WigsSilk Straight Short Bob Human Hair10 - 14 inch$$$4.6
Forawme Long Full Lace Wigs For Women Human HairStraight Long Hair10,12, 14,16,18,20, 22, 24,26,28,30 inches$$$5.0
Dreambeauty Short Natural Full Wig 100 Brazilian Human HairSilk Straight Short Hair4-6inch$2.9
Asifen Medium Length Wigs for Women Human Hair WigsLong straight hair14 Inch$$3.9
BLONDE UNICORN Long Curly Natural Human Hair WigsLong Curly hair Not listed$$$3.8
Sunwell Brazilian Human Hair Full Lace Wig Body Wave #1B/4/27Wavy Human Hair16 inch$$$4.0
Cici Collection 360 Lace Frontal WigBody Wave 360 Lace Wig20 inch$$$4.0

Detailed Review of Real hair wigs for women:

  1. Mike & Mary® Short Curly Human Hair Wigs for Women

curly human hair wig

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The first among the many real hair wigs for women comes from the house of Mike & Mary and has the most beautifully developed curls on a short hair length. The brown color goes well for people with lighter skin tones. This hairpiece is made from 100% human hair and that is its biggest advantage. It can be exposed to heat and temperature without damaging the product. This means, the perming and straightening activities won’t be hampered. Thus, the human hair wig can be styled in different ways according to convenience. The length is quite short with some strands around the head. Wearing the wig is also easy. There is a machine made cap that fits onto the head. Also, the need for glue is eliminated by this cap. Instead, there are adjustable straps located on the back of the wig. The hair can be trimmed if you want it even shorter. The wig, in general, has a soft texture to itself with a healthy human hair look. One issue the users seem to be facing here is the fact that the hairpiece refuses to fit a slightly larger head. Apart from that, it is one of the best real hair wigs for women.

2. Generic Short Brown Wavy Human Hair Wigs

brown human hair wig

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Generic brings us yet another real hair wigs for women, that has the perfect hairstyle in brown. If you want to sport short brown hair, this is the ideal pick. For starters, the wig is made from human hair, which makes it suitable for a lot of styling options since it is resistant to heat and temperature. The soft texture of the wig, coupled with its natural looking glow, ensures that it feels as close to real hair as possible. Now we come to the all-important question of how to wear the wig? It comes with a net cap that can be well adjusted according to the size of the head. But, usually, this cap has been observed to fit most head sizes. The 8 inches hair wig can be worn for occasional parties to flaunt the perfect brown short hair or it can also be worn throughout the year, on a regular basis. However, there is a pertinent smell that is observed when the product is new. This might pose to be a problem. Otherwise, the wig is comfortable to wear and suitable for regular use.

3. Sunwell Human Hair Body Wave For Black Women

human hair wig

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Moving on from short hair wigs, we land up on this beautiful long hairpiece that is made from human hair. This is made from unprocessed Brazilian human hair, making it a good quality product with a soft and healthy texture. More importantly, the entire wig has been derived from a single donor and thus kept unprocessed. The manufacturing from human hair ensures that you can try out different hairstyles on the long hair, all thanks to heat treatment. Be it straightening, curling or the likes, you can keep experimenting with it. You could also style it by adding highlights and dying it. Also, there is no shedding of hair strands. This is a big advantage. The thick hairpiece comes with a hair density of 130%. The wig can be attached to the head by means of a cap, which comes with adjustable straps and combs. There is no need to use glue or adhesive lest it harms the scalp. The lace has a hand tied front lace with weft back and hence this is also included in our list of best synthetic lace front wigs. The 18 inches hairpiece can be washed in normal warm water using shampoo.

4. Sunwell Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Short Bob Wigs


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Sunwell brings to us yet another exciting human hair wig made from the hair of Brazilian women. The style is a bob cut, which is silky straight in structure. This gives you the perfect natural look. You can, however, use heat on it to curl it. There is some baby hair present around the perimeter of the wig giving it a natural hairline. It comes with high quality Swiss lace and French lace with bleached knots. The lace is brown in color, the shade of which can be customized on request. The wig comes in different lengths, including 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches. It has a density of 130% to 150%. Adding some highlights might be an interesting addition to the wig. The best part about this wig is that there is no shedding and therefore you can use it for a long time. Also, it is tangle-free owing to its straight and silky texture. You can either get a particular color of the wig on request or dye it yourself for best results. The wig is comfortable to wear and has a natural glow and thus features in our list of the best real hair wigs for women.

5. Forawme Long Full Lace Wigs For Women Human Hair

real hair wigs

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Finally a human hair wig which is more than capable of giving a tough competition to the other human hair wigs is here. The color of the hair is a darker shade of brown or more precisely chocolate brown, a color which is tremendously popular among most women these days. This is completely made of human hair, which is why people find it all the more attractive. Due to this reason you will also see that when you put it on, it gives off a more real look. Moreover, this wig gives you a lot of options as far as style is concerned. You can easily make the hair straight or get it all curled up, which is totally as per your own discretion. Another feature that makes it so real hair wig for women is the facts it is a lace front wig which has the perfect hairline. The different lengths which will give that Midas touch to your look are as following

  • 10″
  • 12″
  • 14″
  • 16″
  • 18″
  • 20″
  • 22″
  • 24″
  • 26″
  • 28″
  • 30″

The overall density of the wig is close to 130%, which is more than enough to get every inch of your head covered. The cherry on the cake is that this wig is absolutely free of tangles which mean you will never have the problem of getting your hair messed up. It is an affordable wig which will instill confidence in you like no other and the one you should keep an eye on.

6. Dreambeauty Short Natural Full Wig 100 Brazilian Human Hair


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The last wig on our list of real hair wigs for women comes from the house of Eseewigs. The primary style of the wig is silk straight which is just perfect if you want to spice up your hair style. The best thing about the wig is that there isn’t even an inch of synthetic hair in it as it is completely made from original human hair and falls in grade 6A as per the remy Brazilian virgin hair standards. The unique feature of the wig is that unlike most wigs they do not have any lace wig cap; instead they are completely machine weft and has adjustable strips as well as clips to hold them in the right position. It must be said the color of the wig is very carefully chosen. This medium brown colored wig plays quite well with any complexion, especially with darker complexions which makes it a foremost choice for women of African American descent. Due to its shape and size, the wig is a lot more compact than the other wigs and has an overall density of 120%. Lastly, in terms of comfort it does rank high because of the fact that the wig cap is glueless, which means you don’t need glue or tape to put it on.

Pros and Cons of Real Hair Wigs for Women


  • The different styles

The human hair or real hair gives you a lot of options in terms of styling as compared to the synthetic ones. You have the luxury to curl them or straight or use them in any way you want and even wash them, all of which is not possible in the synthetic wigs.

  • Durable

You will find that human hair is a lot stronger which is why they will stand strong even in the face of excessive abuse. This is one feature you will never find in the synthetic hair as they will give in at the first sign of mistreatment.

  • The feel

The fact that it is made from real hair means you get the feel of natural hair which will be pretty evident if you touch it. Moreover, you can easily distinguish the synthetic hair from the real ones because of its artificial look, something you wouldn’t want others to find out.


  • Cost

There is no doubt that human hair is a much better range than the synthetic ones, but when it comes to the cost, it can definitely hurt your wallet. Therefore, it is upon you as to how you want to use these wigs. For example, if you want them to style up, then you will need a wig which is reasonable while if you want to hide those bald spots, then it is going to be a long term investment and paying for it isn’t such a bad idea.

  • Caring

As you can understand, this wig will be made from real human hair; so it also behaves like one in every aspect. It means that you also need to take care of it in a similar manner as for your actual hair. So you need to wash it properly and brush it regularly in order to look good which can be a little time-consuming.

Real hair obtained from the same donor can be a great addition to your collection of wigs. Also, since this gives you a lot more styling options, real hair wigs for women can be a good option even if it is a little heavy on the pocket.

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